Saturday, May 19, 2007

Allegedly Corrupt Journalist

Dear Mike,

No, I have no independent knowledge on the contents of Reporters” Anonymous, Special Edition of October 2006

I could hardly believe the allegation that ARNOLD CLAVIO has a child by Sarag Balabagan, or that husband and wife team JULIUS BABAO and TINTIN VERZOLA gets P35,000 monthly payola from smugglers, and also JOEL REYES ZOBEL also get monthly payola from smugglers.

At least the P600,000.00 monthly extortions from Customs officials by TULFO Brothers RAMON, RAFFY and ERWIN contained in a sworn statement executed by Jimmy Salgado (who himself is a multimillionaire for being the EXTORTION AGENT, SPY and RUNNER at CUSTOMS the Tulfo Brothers and REY LANGIT) before officials of the National Bureau of Investigation and in the presence of his (Salgado’s) lawyer.

Of course if the owners of the Philippine Daily Inquirer and the Philippine Journalists condone the Lies, Intimidations and Extortions of Ramon TULFO and his brothers, there might be some truth of the reported (by the Reporters’ Anonymous) corruption of Jojo Robles, Nixon Kua,, Tina Perez of GMA 7, Gerry Baja of DZMM, Christine Herrera, Recto Mercene, Rey Pacheco, Rod Izon, TED FAILON, ALVIN CAPINO, ORLY TRINIDAD, JULIUS FORTUNA, ETC.

I have written that RANDY DAVID and KORINA SANCHEZ expressed FEARS of the TULFO BROTHERS, but if the report of the Reporters’ Ananomous below is even half true, then my contention that indeed PHILIPPINE MEDIA IS IN DEEP SHIT is true.

Imagine, the PRESIDENT and Her MEN KISS the ASS of a son of Satan Prominent member of Philippine Media, the Great Liar, Intimidator and Extortionist RAMON TULFO!!!

Truly, Philippine MEDIA is in DEEP SHIT!!!

Your friend,
ning santos

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